SMART Analytics

Video • Audio • Webconferencing

SMART Analytics is the easy way to assess, analyze and report
usage and quality of enterprise conferencing and collaboration.


Better Information • Better Decisions

Assess • Analyze • Report

Designet’s SMART Analytics and Reporting Platform makes it easy to assess, analyze and report the performance of your enterprise conferencing service. It gives you easy access to the information you need every day to support a wide range of operational and planning activities, including service level and quality management, capacity planning, usage profiling, accounting and cost allocation.

SaaS • Simple

SMART Analytics is delivered as Software-as-a-Service, so you don’t need to own, provision or manage your own servers; you don’t need to do a complex software installation to start using it. If you’re currently using Cisco or Polycom infrastructure in your videoconferencing network, then you have everything you need to get started. You can have your secure, dedicated analytics and reporting portal up and running in just days.

Right info • Right hands

You’ve got a wide range of information consumers – all looking for different kinds of information, delivered in different ways. With SMART Analytics, you have options. Select fully-automated, hands-off delivery for your user community and senior managers. Open the system up for exploratory analytics and self-service for your key staff and advanced users. The SMART security model gives you the flexibility to make every constituency into a community of SMART Analytics users.

Key Features • Empowering Benefits

Light-weight Agent

Designet's small data extraction agent silently and securely pushes the minimum required data from your collaboration infrastructure to the SMART cloud.

Powerful Processing

SMART processing starts the moment data is received. Our proprietary data cleansing and database technologies transform your raw data into a powerful, accessible and performant information asset.

Service Model Alignment

SMART Analytics gives you the tools to perfectly align your reporting to the way you run your service. Flexible hierarchical views allow you to analyze your deployment by any structure - geography, organization or network topology.

Insightful Visuals

SMART Reports are informative, insightful and self-documenting, supporting your need for accelerated decision-making. Relative performance indicators and targets are built-in, so you can reach important conclusions quickly and clearly communicate your key decision drivers.

Just-in-Time Delivery

SMART Analytics adapts to your workflow. Whether you need to answer a hot question with an immediate ad hoc report, or you want to setup regular reports to go out to management on the first of the month, SMART reports are there when you need them.

Robust Data Security

Rest assured. Your data is safe. From inital extraction to archival storage, your data is protected. Our storage technology delivers 99.999999999% durability.

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